Business Domain

We have professional staffs for Medical consultant, IT infrastructure, Construction, Architect.
And also take in positively authentication system as ISO.

Consulting for medical system and facility

Only in Sansei which is not a maker can support it.
There are a lot of results of the particularly advanced medical equipment introduction, and suggestion of the apparatus choice and the most suitable construction that I put together in the demand of visitor, the space is possible.

Construction and maintenance for advanced medical system / medical facility

We can support you with many experience and skill of special construction,building construction, piping work, electricity and telecommunication.

Product for Operating room

For an operating room, I have various latest products.
A hybrid supports the latest operating room which becoming it goes ahead through with the latest product.

In animal hospital medical equipment !!

To answer the demand of increasing patient who “want to follow the command that is equal to family”
Please talk about the high medical equipment correspondence of animal hospital.

ITE Data center of our company

Highly confidential information security.
We hold data center in Yokohama Kohoku.
By an interlocking movement with ITE, we back up hardware solution strongly.