Business Domain

Sansei offers 5 business domains and three skills

resources with optimum solution

5buisiness domains

“Medical”and“IT”requires high specialty,
please leave it up to our professional team, Sansei.

“Medical”which protects people’s life and health and“IT”which increases the efficiency of information are always a required high specialty.
Sansei has been absorbing leading-edge technology in“Medical”and“IT”, and we have been accumulating the capability and“know-how”to reply to a customer’s requirement.

It is very difficult to collect and understand deeply everything about “Medical” and “IT”, which are growing rapidly technical innovation, for customers. Sansei believes it is necessary for the needs of hospitals need to be suggested optimum medical equipment, system support to increase the efficiency and maintenance.
Sansei can do this kind of support and propose a wide range of solutions since we are an independent company and organize professional team.

Correspondence to“Environment”can generate new added value for companies.
Sansei has been suggesting“Society contribution”as one of our company policies, and we are making efforts to improve better environment.
We propose it though facility integration with environmental friendly technology, we would like to help to improve our customers’value and play the role of a valuable company in our society.