Sansei respects the capability of each Sansei member.

By every Sansei person seek to improve and activate their capability, we will realize the 5 missions.

5 missions English

One important role of Sansei is to provide leading-edge tech nology and make a contribution to society and the global environment.

Society Contribution

Sansei contributes to our society through creating suitable environment and equipment installation by the development of medical technology.
We can support creating a better working environment for medical personnel through flexible and high quality construction.

Personnel training

Sansei believes“ Employees need to be people who are trustworthy from the perspective of colleagues and customers”.
We are trying to improve good human relationships, personalities and man-power development.

Development of new products

Sansei has been offering new products, design, construction and development that answers social needs with leading-edge technology which Sansei originally has.
Our team has specia“l know-how”and provides service.

Environmental Contribution

Sansei has introduced environmental programs positively. We are trying to contribute to society and the global environment through offering an eco-friendly integrated facility and technology.

Achievement of budget

Sansei believes the best way to be flexible against this changeable economical environment is to set a sales strategy based on sufficient information and analysis and try to reach the sales target based on the sales strategy.